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Top 10 SEO Tips You Should Know

best -seo-tips

There is no doubt that achieving the high rankings on the search engines for a specific keyword is not easy at all, however, it could be possible. If you properly and efficiently optimize the posts on your blog or website, you absolutely can increase keyword rankings on the search results table, thereby increasing the traffic to your blog/website. Consider the following tips to achieve the best results.

SEO Tip 1: Check the popularity of keywords

To get the traffic from the keywords searching on the large search engines like Google and Yahoo!, you need to write a topic that people want to read and are actively seeking information about it. One of the easiest ways to get a basic idea of what people are looking for is to test the popularity of keyword searches on sites such as Wordtracker, or Google AdWords, Google Trends or Yahoo! Buzz or Index. Each of them can provide a detailed report on the popular keywords at any given time.

SEO Tip 2: Choose the specific and relevant keywords

A rule that you should follow is to select a keyword phrase for each article (page) and then optimize for keyword phrases. You need to keep in mind that keywords should be relevant to the entire contents of the article. Moreover, the selection of specific keywords will bring you better search results than a broad term. For example, try checking to see how many sites are using the keyword phrase “punk music”. Well, they are a lot. This demonstrates the competitiveness of the keywords has a high rank. If you choose more specific keywords, such as “Green Day concert”, the level of competitiveness will be greatly reduced.

SEO Tip 3: Select a keyword phrase including 2 to 3 keywords

The statistics shows that nearly 60% of all keyword searches include 2 or 3 keywords. So, you should optimize your articles for keyword phrases consisting of 2 to 3 keyword search to help achieve the best efficiency.

SEO Tip 4: Use your keyword phrase in the article title

Once you have chosen the appropriate keywords, make sure that you use that phrase in the article title (or page) on your blog/website.

SEO Tip 5: Use your keyword phrase in the Subtitle and Headlines

Creating the breakthrough for posts on your blog by using subtitle and headlines not only makes them become more attractive with the intuitive display interface but also provides you the opportunity to use your keyword phrases.

SEO Tip 6: Use your keyword phrases in the article content

It is important to use your keyword phrase that you want to SEO in your article content. A good goal you should try to achieve is to use your keyword phrase at least twice in the first paragraph of the article and as many times as possible (if possible) in 1000 coming words. Of course, we must use wisely in accordance with the moderation to avoid the keyword stuffing.

SEO Tip 7: Use your keyword phrase in and around the links

It is believed that the search engines always prioritize links compared with the text in their search algorithm. So, let’s try to create links, including using your keyword phrases. Also, you should limit the use of links with the content like “click here” or “information”, because they cannot do anything for you in search engine optimization. Instead, tale advantage of the strength of the links in SEO by integrating your key phrases in them whenever possible. The texts surrounding the link are often more prominent “in the eyes” of the search engine results when compared with other parts of your article. If you cannot insert your keyword phrase in the text links, try to put them into the surrounding link.

SEO Tip 8: Use your keyword phrase in the image

Many bloggers take notice that a large number of visitors to their blogs come from the image search results on search engines. Make sure the image file name and its footnotes contain the keyword phrases that you want to SEO.

SEO Tip 9: Avoid using keywords in quotes

There are many different opinions on this issue. Many people believe that Google and other search engines often ignore the text contained in the blockquote HTML tags when taking the data collection of a website. Therefore, the text in the blockquote tag will not have much effect on SEO. Until there is a more definitive answer on this issue, it would be a good idea if you use the blockquote tag cautiously.

SEO Tip 10: Do not stuff keyword

The Google searching engine often penalizes the breach websites with the keyword stuffing error. Some sites are even forbidden to be displayed on Google search results due to the keyword stuffing. The keyword stuffing is considered as a form of spam and other search engines will often ignore them. So, it is best for you to use keywords wisely and moderately.

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