what is web hosting

How To Choose The Best Hosting Service And Things You Should Know

what is web hosting

Have you ever wondered how to choose the best hosting service? And how to verify the quality of the hosting that you are about to buy? Therefore, today, let’s talk about hosting and how to get the best hosting service?

1.What is hosting and why do we need it?

Hosting can be simply defined as a storage. So what does it store? People normally compare hosting with a house and the domain is the house’s address. In fact, when you create a website, you need to hire a place to store your site, which is the web hosting!

WordPress is an open source using server-side PHP and database MySQL so that you need to have a web hosting to support and access such features. Overall, in order to run a website, you need a web hosting and a domain.

2.Where and how to choose the best hosting service?

Since web hosting service is a very lucrative market, you thus have many options for your website.

2.1 International hosting services

International hosting services are located around the world, but normally in big cities. For example, here is the list of some cities where you can find international data centers:

+ Dallas, Texas

+ Amsterdam, Netherland

+ Michigan, US

+ Singapore

+ London, England

+ Stockholm, Sweden

+ Berlin, Germany

2.2 Advantage of using international hosting services

+ Professional service

+ A lot of promotions offered

+ Fast loading speed

2.3 Cons of international hosting services

+ Sometimes it can be difficult to finish the transaction online and the verification process may take a long time.

+ The number of hosting providers is huge, which can confuse you a bit to choose.

3.Things you should know when getting a web hosting service

3.1 Do not get hosting from domain providers

Most domain providers such as Godaddy or Namecheap normally offers hosting service along with their domain, but the quality is very bad. The reason is that these providers (except 1and1)  do not have their own data center and this is is just an extra service to increase their revenue. So that the quality is not as good as other “real” hosting providers.

In fact, you can get your domain services from BluehostHostgator or A2 Hosting, which are all high-quality and reliable providers.

3.2 Choose the right data center for your traffic
It is very important that you identify where your traffic comes from

Before running a website, it is very important that you identify where your traffic comes from. The closer your data center is to your users, the faster loading time is. Remember that nobody wants to wait 5-10 seconds to load a website. If you want to run your website in Asia, you can choose some locations such as Singapore or Japan. Or if you are aiming to the US market, here are some suggestions:

+Los Angeles, California.
+Seattle, Washington.
+San Jose, California.
+Santa Clara, California.
+Houston, Texas.
+Dallas, Texas.
+Atlanta, Georgia.

Also, you can take a look at some European data centers:






3.3 Check the review before purchasing a web hosting service

Similarly to other products, you need to carefully research before purchasing a web hosting service. For instance, WebHostingTalk is a reliable forum where you can find the review of most hosting services.

3.4 Do not buy from Facebook offers

Nowadays, people sell almost everything on Facebook, and hosting service is not an exception. It is very common to see big hosting promotions on Facebook such as unlimited bandwidth or pay one month for 3 months usage. However, these offers can easily be scams because no big companies make such advertisements on the social network.

3.5 Operation system

When choosing hosting services, you should choose Linux hosting or Windows hosting. Technically, these two OS are very similar to each other. But in fact, WordPress works more effectively in Linux and most shared hostings run on this OS. Regarding VPS and Dedicated server, most companies will inform you this:

  • CentOS (Linux)
  • Ubuntu (Linux)
  • Debian (Linux)
  • Fedora (Linux)


These are some takeaway advice for you on how to choose the best hosting service. The more careful consideration you make, the better hosting you can have. Feel free to leave any comments below, we would love to hear your opinions.

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