Half Of The Websites In The World Are Using HTTPS

Until November 2017, more than half of the websites in the internetwork are using HTTPS instead of the tradition HTTP. So let’s find out what HTTPS!

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is a combination of HTTP protocol and SSL-Secure Sockets Layer protocol.

When the data is transferred from browser to the server via the HTTP without using SSL, the data will not be encrypted, which is available to online attacks. This is highly dangerous for essential information such as bank account number or credit card pins.

HTTPS uses SSL protocol, which creates a secure connection between your browser and the website data center when transferring sensitive information. All the information is encrypted before being sent to the internet so that the data is no longer in text form. Therefore, even when the hackers are able to intercept the information, it would be impossible for them to decrypt the data. A green lock icon will be displayed when a website uses HTTPS protocol. The hosting company provides only one digital certificate for the registered person or organization. So that such information cannot be falsified. If you just switched to HTTPS, you may also want to know how to maintain the rank of your website.

Big Promotion From Huge Companies

In fact, this protocol has appeared for a long time, but it was only used by online trading websites. However, since the security factor has been eventually more and more prioritized, people tend to trust and use the online protocols that offer highly safe services.

Since 2010, Facebook and Twitter have been the very first large companies to use apply SSL for their websites and followed by Google, Bing and Wikipedia. Last year, WordPress and Blogger(Blogspot) also started to apply this protocol.

In term of mobile services, Apple has required all the iOS to have HTTPS connection. Besides, it is very important to notice that websites that have SSL notification will have higher ranks in Google searching result.

HTTPS- The Standard Protocol In The Future

Until December 4th, more than 60 million websites have been activated and 65% of the current websites are using this protocol. (Source: Let’s Encrypt)

Let’s Encrypt, a project that offers SSL certificate sponsored by EFF, Cisco, Mozilla, Chrome and Facebook is becoming more and more popular. According to Let’s Encrypt Stats, until December  4th, nearly 60 million websites have been activated and 65% of the current websites are using this new protocol. Hence, it is foreseeable that both SSL and HTTPS will become the standard protocol in very near future.

You can install SSL for free from Let’s Encrypt or CloudFare. Besides, there are also some options that you can purchase in order to have stronger support.

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